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How to Relieve Pain from Sports Injuries

The methods of treating and relieving pain from sports injuries are dependent on a number of different factors, such as the area of the body that has been injured and the severity of the injury. Minor injuries, such as mild strains and sprains, can usually be treated at home by avoiding exercise and resting, applying ice packs to the area affected for between fifteen to twenty minutes every few hours, and with other techniques; these can include keeping the affected body part raised over heart level whenever possible, and making use of elastic compression bandages in order to limit any swelling. 

Benefits of Heat for Yoga and Pilates

One of the best forms of treatment for muscle injuries is heat therapy, one form of which can be found in heat packs. Heat therapy has long been associated with relaxation and comfort, but also provides healing benefits and pain relief, and can be helpful when used in conjunction with exercises such as yoga and pilates.

The Benefits of Heat: Pre and Post Workout

Heat can provide great benefits for people who work out, both before and after the exercise session. There is a good reason why heat can be such a useful tool for workouts, as the human body actually seems to be 'engineered' to conflate heat and exercise, increasing flexibility and boosting circulation.Heat treatment can also be a real help for people that experience DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness – which can be one of the more unfortunate consequences of exercise.


How to Relieve Period Pain

Clutching at your stomach in agony, while lying in bed being completely unproductive is a situation far too many of us are familiar with, but when it comes to period pain, many women choose to suffer in silence. We’ve compiled our best tips for overcoming cramps and beating Mother Nature to help you get on with your life - regardless of it being ‘that time of the month’.


Carol Smilie tells her unique story on womens periods

 Today, I came across The HeatPack Company for the first time, and had one of those ‘lightbulb’ moments when I saw the new Microwaveable Body Wrap with elasticated straps.

One of the main symptoms of a woman’s cycle, has to be the tummy cramps, and nothing eases that pain like a comforting heat pad to cuddle. That’s when I got in touch and was asked to tell our unique story…

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