Woman at tennis court with heat packThe methods of treating and relieving pain from sports injuries are dependent on a number of different factors, such as the area of the body that has been injured and the severity of the injury. Minor injuries, such as mild strains and sprains, can usually be treated at home by avoiding exercise and resting, applying ice packs to the area affected for between fifteen to twenty minutes every few hours, and with other techniques; these can include keeping the affected body part raised over heart level whenever possible, and making use of elastic compression bandages in order to limit any swelling.

Pain relief

Pain from sports injuries can be relieved with the aid of traditional painkillers such as paracetamol. Pain can also be eased, and swelling reduced, with the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory creams, drugs or tablets like ibuprofen. Youngsters under the age of sixteen should not be given aspirin.

Further damage from movement can also be prevented by immobilisation, for instance, with the use of casts, slings and sprints on injured arms, wrists, legs and shoulders to prevent movement while the healing process takes place.

Heat packs

Another way to relieve pain from sports injuries is with the use of heat packs. The application of heat to aching or painful body parts has long been recognised as an effective method to manage pain, in addition to muscular or joint stiffness. Heat that is deep and penetrating can also enhance the process of recovery, as well as relieving pain. Heat packs are able to relieve pain and stiffness caused by sports injuries by stimulating your body’s sensory receptors to prevent pain signals from being transmitted to the brain, resulting in immediate and effective relief from discomfort. There are a number of such packs available from The Heatpack Company, including Body Wraps and Joint Wraps to enable the painful areas to be wrapped up and soothed. These wraps can be used at home, or anywhere you wish, and at any time. They're made from one hundred percent natural ingredients, and are an effective way to relieve pain without the need for any medication.