Heat helping post workoutHeat can provide great benefits for people who work out, both before and after the exercise session. There is a good reason why heat can be such a useful tool for workouts, as the human body actually seems to be 'engineered' to conflate heat and exercise, increasing flexibility and boosting circulation.

Heat treatment can also be a real help for people that experience DOMS – delayed onset muscle soreness – which can be one of the more unfortunate consequences of exercise.


Delayed onset muscle soreness is experienced by almost everybody who has undertaken an unfamiliar or unusually extreme form of exercise; the "delayed" part refers to the fact that the discomfort it causes can often peak up to a couple of days after the event.

So, many people may not even notice they are suffering from DOMS until 48 hours after their workout. This discomfort can sometimes be so serious as to be mistaken for a genuine injury. DOMS causes muscles to feel sore and inflamed, and also results in serious and measurable weakness. It can be not just painful, but also very annoying, especially for those people just trying to start up (or go back to) an exercise regime!

Heat and DOMS

Heat can provide a recognized benefit to those suffering from DOMS. Heat wraps, which are able to provide heat for up to several hours at one time, can be particularly advantageous in treating the condition. Heat is able to penetrate into tissue to a depth of a few centimetres, and a rise in tissue temperature results in a speeding up of cell activity and healing, which is believed to have therapeutic benefits. Heat also helps to reduce muscle tension by increasing tissue elasticity.

The Body Wrap

The Body Wrap, which is available from the Heat Pack Company, offers all of the benefits of the company’s deluxe Heat Pack as well as an elasticated strap that adds compression and makes it easier to keep the Heat Pack in position. It's a perfect non-invasive tool to be used at home. Get yours from Sainsbury’s pharmacies, selected Tesco and Lloyds pharmacies, and via our website.